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Inna GoldshmidtInterior Design | 130 m2 apartment renovation

“We have done a renovation that included the kitchen, bathrooms, living room and bedrooms.
Initially, we only wanted to take care of the main and most necessary systems such as plumbing, electricity, and air conditioning, while staying within a relatively limited budget.
Yuri helped us to maximize the potential of the house both functionally and esthetically while staying within the budget.
Not only that but also making the whole renovation process (which is typically unpleasant) very peaceful.”

Gadiel FleitmanHome Owner

“I have known Yuri since high school. Even then he would draw and built amazing things.
I had no doubt that when the time comes he will be the one to turn the pretty into amazing!
So we built a house, and Yuri was there throughout the entire planning and building process.
Yuri knew when to insist and when to let go so that all the elements will be coherent and combine into a fluid, harmonious design language. He’s not just a designer, he is The Designer.”

Carmiit HillelInterior Design & Home Styling | 200 m2 Private home building
Eitam TubulInterior design & Styling | Pisgat Zeev Sports Center
Broni HirmanInterior design & Home styling | 90 m2 apartment renovation

“Throughout the entire design and remodeling process, Yuri was attentive, accessible and reliable.
Yunu made sure that every detail receives the correct treatment and finds its place in the apartment.
I highly recommend working with this excellent person and tallented designer. ”

Shmuel NakyHome owner
Tamar Shai-ChordekarInterior design & Home styling | 90 m2 apartment removation

“Walking into the apartment, you can tell right away that it has been carefully designed by an expert.
Thank you for the caring and attentive treatment. The house came out Gorgeous!”

Gilad PeretzHome owner

“Yuri is charming, generous, attentive, professional and is working extremely fast.
Working with YUNU was very pleasant.”

Riki Kastel Home owner

“YUNU did a great job!
Smart, sophisticated work. Yuri was very pleasant to work with, being creative and kind.
The design itself exceeded my expectations.”

Yaakov BaharavProducer and Visual artist

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