“I want a large open space, modern, contemporary, a bit industrial, where I can spend time with friends, and where I will be able to grow a family in the future”

That was the project description on the phone by the client – a young successful businessman from the city of Nazareth Illit.

He has just purchased a 130 m2 apartment on the fourth floor of an old building and was keen on transforming it to the home of his dreams.


He sent us this plan of the apartment:

The first thing we did after agreeing on the job is to go up north –  to meet, talk, see and measure the space.


We discovered a large public space with a long balcony with a beautiful view of the area and a couple of bedrooms.

Most walls and floor were taken apart so that we can re-imagine the space

We measured the space carefully and mapped it out in 2d and 3d.

This is how the space looks now in 3D:

We started developing different layout concepts that would address the clients needs – open space layout, privacy, comfort, storage solutions and an overall feeling of luxury, comfort, and feeling of home.

apartment design layout option 1

Our first option has started by separating the Master bedroom from the other rooms. We decided to place it one end of the apartment, where the kitchen was. By doing so we were able to:
1. Have a large window with a great view from the bedroom.
2. Have a private bathroom.
3. Have privacy.

The rest of the main space was designed to have a living room, a family area, and a dining area.
While the family room could be closed with a simple wall in the future if the family would need another bedroom.


Our second option has made the separation between public and private even more clear and consistent.
We decided to create a flowing public area that would have a kitchen, dining area, and living room.
Underneath it will be a large corridor that has built-in storage areas and would lead to the other bedrooms and bathrooms.

Apartment design layout option 2

This was the layout the client liked the most, and we have developed it based on his feedback in both 2D and 3D.
Here is the final approved plan:

Approved design plan 3D


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