NOP38 in Old Katamon

I was asked by the “Ken-hator” building company to redesign the interiors of 16 apartments in a building planned to undergo a large renovation.

I have received a plan to each one of the 16 apartments from the architect and had to improve and enhance it to match the specific needs of each and every tenant.

The first apartment was also the smallest.
The owners asked us to make it more spacious and make room for a bathtub.

For this apartment, we were asked to make a large open space living and dining space, provide a lot of storage solutions and have two large bathrooms. Another problem we solved was to make a separate entrance to one of the new rooms, that was only possible through another room.

The client asked us to redesign the space to accommodate the needs of a single elder person that is planning to grow older in the house. Accessibility was a major issue in the design, as the tenant wanted to prepare the apartment for a wheelchair.

This rooftop apartment is designed to be a small luxurious vacation home.
We redesigned the 50 space thinking of a couple with a single child, that wants the experience of a luxury hotel suite in the middle of the city.