Sira benches – street furniture design

These street furniture pieces were designed for a local pub in Jerusalem called “Sira”.
The concept was to make them look like they have always been there, and not to interfere with the look of the street while providing a new built-in seat and table.

Street furniture design

The idea for this project was born out of observation of the street next to the bar.
I came to realize that people enjoy sitting outside the bar, having a beer in the sun. In order to be able to do so comfortably, they were trying to adjust the environment surrounding the pub to their needs.
When I brought this to the attention of the owners, they agreed that it is an opportunity for a design solution.

Sira pub street furniture
Street furniture assembly

Three years after the first design, I have been asked to design and produce a second variation, that will include a top surface and a narrow bench.