New Classic – 70 m2 apartment in Jerusalem

How do you combine a lifetime of living in a large home in a brand new small apartment?
That was the starting point to this lovely project for an older couple moving to a new area.

Interior design - apartment entrance

We decided to design the space in a way that would reflect the lifestyle of the owners – combining old classic furniture that we renewed, and new custom-made pieces that were chosen to compliment the style and space.

The living room main area is rich in combinations of old and new.
The two cabinets define the space – one is an old antique that is used to store books and the other is a “new antique” that was redesigned to display movies.

Classic living room design

All the furniture pieces have thin legs, which make them look lighter and the space bigger.
It also allows the display of other layers – such as the carpet and walls.

Neo classic kitchen design

The kitchen is small and functional. Having a clean neo-classic look, with a punch of color in the center of its floor. A compact, folding dining table that was found in a vintage furniture store completes the look.

Recoloring and re-upholstery of the old dining chairs resulted in a fresh royal look.

The grandchildren have a room where they can watch tv and play.
When needed the couch opens up and turns into a twin bed.

Neo classic bathroom cabinet design

The main bathroom continues the calm and pleasant feel of the space and has a main design piece of custom built cabinetry, colored in soft blue.

Design details - light blue cabinet

Bathroom details

Classic bedroom design

The master bedroom was designed to feel like a hotel room, with wall to wall curtains and rich but calm textures.

Design details - wallpaper pattern

Bedroom details.