Master Bedroom home styling

Elegance, warmth, sophistication, and harmony – those were our definitions for the material palette of this project.

Our challenge was to work with the existing bed and wardrobe unit, which were old and heavy looking pieces. We wanted to lighten things up – and do so in a sophisticated way that would combine old and new.

This is how the bedroom looked – BEFORE

Bedroom before styling

And here is the same bedroom – AFTER

Bedroom home styling

And here is the same bedroom – AFTER

Bedroom design details

We changed the flooring to warm wooden parquet that ads warmth and works well with the wooden furniture while adding blue textures and patterns that add depth and compliment the color palette.

Bedroom lighting details

The new wall-mounted lighting fixtures provide reading light and ad a luxurious feel to the room.

The geometric light blue wallpaper was chosen carefully to provide depth and richness to the room while keeping it light and airy.