New life to an old 90 m2 apartment in the French Hill, Jerusalem

For this project, we were asked to redesign an old apartment’s living space and master bedroom.

Both spaces were very busy, out of order, and had many old and heavy looking furniture and lighting pieces. On top of that, we also had to work with a very limited budget.

We decided to focus our efforts on redefining the living space and dividing it into elegant spacious areas.
The furnishings were chosen to reflect an elegant and trendy feel that is rich in textures and materials, and yet light and airy.

Dining area and living room design

A view from the dining area:
L shaped kitchen, living space, dining, and working area.

A view from the entrance to the apartment. Main space divided into a dining area and living room.
The custom-designed lighting fixtures define every area.

Beautiful old dining chairs have been reupholstered with a fresh and elegant cloth.

Open space elegant tv lounge area

The living room.
Fresh furniture pieces create an inviting and elegant space for lounging and watching movies.
The use of different materials and finishes provide depth and elegance.

Coffee tables details

Furniture pieces with black metal legs were selected to create a light and airy feel, that provides extra depth and detail to the space.

Metal stands act as separators
Tv wall as viewed from the large green sofa

Tv wall, as viewed from the large, forest green sofa.

Entrance mirror

The black framed mirror at the entrance reflects the dining and living space and connects the overall design.

Apartment entrance design

The entrance to the apartment as viewed from the living room.

Master bedroom design

The master bedroom.
We have created a rich material palette that consists of warm, elegant and soft materials that create a romantic hotel room feel.

Design language - patterns and materials

Material selections that combine warm and cold, heavy and light, solid and airy,

Bedroom lighting design

Custom made lamps add an extra elegant touch and provide a much-needed reading light.

Bedroom design language

A light turquoise wallpaper provides an elegant and airy background to the wooden furniture.