So how do you design your home?

Well, its a long process that has many important stages.
Those stages have a chronological order that when followed correctly combine into a well defined space.
Failing to follow them can result in catastrophe! We all know someone who ran out of budget in the middle of building, or had to go back to an early stage because they didn’t think of some of the details that are now a problem (mistakes of that sort cost a lot of time and money).

Over the past 8 years i have designed and planed houses, buildings and apartments. I was the designer, the project manager and the Inspector. And i have made all the mistakes possible and learned all the lessons. And i am going to share them with you – so that you wont have to pay the high price of insufficient planning .

In  this blog i will describe all the main stages for designing and remodeling a home. Stage by stage, blog by blog.

Design Top 20 – Main stages of designing your home:

Stage 1 – Design Program – a list of needs and wants

Stage 2 – Budget

Stage 3 – Architecture layout

Stage 4 – Interior layout

Stage 5 – 3D space kayout

Stage 6 – Construction plans ( site scheme, demolition, building, electricity & lighting, sanitary-ware, tiling, ceiling)

Stage 7 – B.O.M  (Bill Of Materials)

Stage 8 – Bidding for a contractor

Stage 9 – Bidding for an inspector

Stage 10 – Flooring and tiles 

Stage 11 – Designing the Kitchen 

Stage 12 – Sanitary-ware

Stage 13 – Windows

Stage 14 – Doors

Stage 15 – Lighting Design & selection (technical & decorative)

Stage 16 – Furniture (Layout, selection & carpentry)

Stage 17 – Textiles (Fabrics, carpets, curtains)

Stage 18 – Art selection & composition

Stage 19 – Accessories selection & layout

Stage 20 – Home styling

In the next blog posts i will review each and every one of this 20 design stages, so that you will have all the information you need to design a perfect home for you and your family.

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